Don's Dock Catering specializes in traditional wood-fired lobster boils and door county fish boils along with other seafood favorites. LP gas can be used where wood fires are not feasible, ie parking lots, driveways, zoning regulations. With a focus on customer service, we can serve your needs whether your affair includes 20 guests, 1,000 guests or any size in between. Some of the events we have catered over the years are Super Bowl parties, tailgate parties, Mardi Gras parties, employee appreciation day, Holloween parties, fundraisers, church parties and countless other occassions. We have at our disposal; tents, tables, chairs, and catering employees. Call us to discuss how we can custom design your upcoming private party, fundraiser or corporate event. Meals discounted if we do not cook them at your site.

Please call our Catering Coordinator, Andrew Johnson at 847-827-1817.

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